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Are you looking at getting a Pleco or Suckermouth Catfish? These bottom dwelling fish need a different type of food to keep them healthy. Take a look at our favorites below!



1. Omega One Veggie Rounds 

The Omega One brand is known for it's high quality fish foods and Omega One Veggie Rounds are no exception. 

Made from fresh Alaskan Sea Kelp this food provides a great vegetable supplement. Once in the water this wafer holds its shape for a while before breaking apart and dispersing among the substrate. Do not fret however as plecos will still find and snack on this food. 

Most Plecos are however not vegetarian which means they will eat some meaty foods. If needed they will scavenge leftover fish flake and by feeding one of these wafers it will keep them happy. However it is good to take into consideration other wafers on this list that can be used to substitute.

Omega One wafer can be fed nightly or every two nights depending on how much algae and food that the pleco is already feeding or scavenging on. This particular product comes in four sizes: 56g, 113g, 227g and a 1.25kg bucket. With these size differences Omega One Veggie rounds can be used by all aquarists.

Wafers do have quite a long shelf life so even if you feel they aren't getting used enough to run out keep feeding them. As there is little chance the wafers will go off before your done. Taking this into account here are the prices of this product




2. Repashy Morning Wood 

Repashy Morning Wood isn't like a wafer and does require some preparation. Basically think of this food as a box of gelatin in the sense of having to make it and let it set. This process isn't long and should not be a reason to not use this awesome food.

Repashy is already well known when it comes to high end fish foods. With multiple products that provide for nearly all fish types it is not surprising that they have a food catering just for plecos. 

This food once made is shaped by the container it set in. So you can have it in any shape you like! In particular Repashy Morning Wood is a artificial filler for plecos that require wood in their diet. It goes without saying that most species do benefit from driftwood rasping so this food covers a wide range of the species. Not only this but it does offer some vegetables in its composition which adds to its feeding range. 

It will sink to the bottom much like a wafer but holds it's shape much longer. This allows plecos to locate the food easier and eat it before it dissipates. This food does have a relatively good shelf life but starting with the smaller option is best not to buy more than you need. 

As mentioned it is labelled as a premium fish food and is rightfully done so. This does effect the price but it is definitely worth the money for the high quality ingredients and dietary benefits it can give your fish.

Repashy Morning Wood comes in two options, a 85g container and a 340g container.



3. Tetra Shrimp Wafers 

Tetra products are predominantly sold in the American market but there are some products available in New Zealand such as the Shrimp Wafers talked about today.

Tetra Shrimp Wafers are a food that is great for giving your plecos their meat fix. This combined with the other vegetable wafer would make a perfect combo as to cater for plecos omnivorous diet.

This product may also attract other fish due to its carnivorous composition. Fish like Loaches, Corydoras, Rams and other scavenging fish may all benefit. Not only this but it is claimed that this foods formula produces less waste. This is definitely a bonus as uneaten debris will quickly rot in the substrate. Things like ammonia spikes and foul water can be the outcome of this rotted debris. 

Due to this food attracting other fish you can feed more regularly depending on your stocking. Two tablets a night along with a vegetable wafer and or flake will do well to create a balanced diet if used appropriately to the size of the aquarium.

The Tetra Shrimp Wafers come in an 85g option in New Zealand. 



4. Sera Catfish Chips

Sera Catfish Chips are a favorite for the average home aquarium. The Sera Catfish chips are a great staple food consisting of carefully manufactured Chips for rasping and suckermouth bottom fish such as Ancistrus and plecos.

This food will also attract other fish like Loaches, Corydoras, Rams and other scavenging fish. The balanced composition with a high amount of ballast substances (from willow bark fibers and alder cones, among others) supports healthy digestion and development.

The chips also sink quickly and become smooth in water but keep their shape for at least 24 hours, and thus allow the mainly nocturnal catfish eating slowly, which meets their natural feeding habits, without polluting the water.

This food should be fed once or twice a day with an evening feeding being a priority to allow night dwelling fish a chance to feed.



5. Sera Plankton Tablets

Sera Plankton Tabs is the tasty, natural color food consisting of carefully manufactured food tablets for all fish that eat at the bottom.

This food should be considered a premium bottom dweller food for its amazing ingredients and natural makeup. High quality ingredients such as Krill (10%) and other plankton organisms support color development effectively, but in a natural way.

Great to feed to a tank with not only Pleco, but also \Corydoras and Loaches will love this food. The excellently digestible food furthermore supports healthy growth, strong disease resistance as well as fertility. The slowly sinking tablets keep their shape for a long time and do not pollute the water. 

This is a food we feed out daily and recommend feeding out 1-2 tablets per day.

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