3 Tips to Clean you Aquarium Faster!

Do you ever get sick of doing slow grueling water changes? Well, here are 3 ways you can complete them quicker and make them easier. 


1. Python No Spill Clean & Fill Gravel Vac 

This gravel vac is no ordinary gravel vac as not only does it allow you to clean your aquarium but also fill it, without the continued use of buckets! How it works is simple, it has a fossette adapter that allows it to be screwed onto most sink and taps. This allows for controlled warm water to be added straight into your tank.

Now there is one set back, the addition of water conditioner. Without using buckets, you cannot treat the water before it enters your aquarium. So, if you are on town water or treated water you may still need to fill a bucket right next to your aquarium and treat it. Or another potentially riskier method is pre dosing the water conditioner inside your aquarium before filling. Although minor setbacks this product still helps save time carrying and refilling buckets as the flow is continuous and will reach most tanks with its 7.5m length. . 


2. Seachem Algae Scraper 

These types of algae scrapers are not your usual sponge material on a stick. Instead, this version of algae scrapers uses razor blades. With care you can keep you glass spotless and scratch free. Most people will recommend sponge products straight away, yet razor blades seem to be most effective. This is due to the risk of scratching the aquarium glass. Even if this does occur however it is very minor. On the plus side this scraper seems to be the best at tackling even the toughest of algae that sponges take forever to concur. 

For the Seachem Algae Scraper which uses an attached razor blade on a handle. Unlike sponge cleaning products a razor blade cleaner will last significantly longer. Even when the razor blade breaks, they are replaceable, and replacements cost significantly less. 


3. Dish Cleaner

This product would more commonly been seen in a kitchen sink, but it definitely works wonders in an aquarium. The course bristles allow for quick cleaning of awkward objects and the abrasiveness cleans even the toughest of dirt and grime. Most aquarium products just don't have the same effect on decorations. Due to it not being a specialized aquarium product the price is very small, commonly selling for under $6. Other sizes can be brought depending on the size of your tank. Longer handles and bigger bristles are to differences you can find when looking at other brands. 


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