Do you need a Quarantine Tank?

Quarantine Tanks can be a daunting, ugly waste of space for some people so in this blog we will discuss if Quarantine Tanks really are necessary and some alternatives to them.


What are Quarantine Tanks?

Quarantine Tanks in the most simplistic form are short term accommodation for recently purchased fish. Their main purpose however is to act as a trial run too allow developing diseases and defects in fish behavior to be noticed and treated.
Having a small quarantine tank allows you to dose medications as needed in smaller quantities than having to dose your larger main tank.


Downsides of Quarantine Aquariums

Much like anything there are downsides to using this method of making sure new fish enter the tank healthy. First off are the expenses, as the name states this is still a fish tank, so as well as the price of the tank and stand there is also things like a heater and filter. Not only this but space is another factor. For example, sometimes a person may only have space for one tank or have one on an office desk. In these situations, a Quarantine Tank is not exactly practical.

Quarantine Aquariums also aren't meant to be pretty, instead opting for a basic setup with no substrate and minimal decoration. So even though you save money because of only having a few basic decorations, this simplistic setup can become an eyesore.  All of these examples are the most common reasons that people do not purchase or setup a Quarantine Aquarium. 



As mentioned, Quarantine Tanks are not always practical and might not work with everyone. So, if that's the case with you then here are some alternative methods used to try and add only the healthiest fish to your aquarium.

Firstly, the easiest method that requires no hands-on input from the customer is buying from a responsible source. What is meant by that is buying from fish or pet stores that quarantine their fish before sale. You will find most stores do this but some better than others. So, it is important to ask firstly if a store does quarantine their fish. If they do, then ask what medications were used and how long the fish were quarantined.

The best stores will have medicated with a wide range of chemicals and for the longest time. By shopping at these stores, you basically let them run your fish through their own Quarantine Tanks which eliminates the need for one. However always be observant when buying fish as to check if there are still signs of sickness. Combining both these checking based methods you can decrease your chances of having your new fish entering your tank with sicknesses or infection.

Another option is dosing specific medications and chemicals when adding new fish to your aquarium. This should be a combination of combinable medications and chemicals that target the most common diseases. A good combo could be API Stress Coat, Wunder Tonic and Wunder Methylene Blue. In some instances a smaller dosing of the chosen product should be done due to the variety of them inside the tank at once. This combination mentioned is a good example of not only treating but helping prevent diseases from developing.

The Stress Coat and Methylene provide stress relief and treatment of physical damage. Stress can be a major factor when talking about developing diseases in fish. Being that a new fish is in a completely new environment when bought they experience a high amount of stress. Stresscoat helps aid that and the stress of your current fish whilst the Wunder Tonic is dosed. White Spot is a very common sickness fish can suffer from. Dosing this when adding new fish will allow you to catch any unseeable larvae off guard and prevent a breakout. 


Are Quarantine Tanks Necessary?

Yes, we believe everyone should quarantine new fish. Although we try our best to treat and prevent disease, there is always the chance something slips by. 
Setting up a quarantine tank is a cheaper alternative to treating a much larger tank and selection of fish.

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