Tropica Sword (Echinodorus Parviflorus Tropica)

Size: Bunched

Echinodorus parviflorus is a sword plant which is native to South America. The 'Tropica' cultivar of this species closely resembles the wild form of E. parviflorus, except for its tendency to produce hammered leaves and to remain more compact..

E. parviflorus 'Tropica' is a relatively undemanding plant in the aquarium. Like all species in the Echinodorus genus, E. parviflorus 'Tropica' is happiest with a rich substrate and good water column supplementation. CO2 supplementation is not necessary for success with this plant, although it is certainly beneficial. E. parviflorus 'Tropica' will grow fine in low to very high light. However, when grown in dimly-lit conditions, the plant stays considerably smaller and more compact. The most common nutrient deficiency with this species is iron, a problem which is easily remedied by placing a source of iron (i.e., root tabs, etc.) at the base of the plant.

*Note, plants may arrive looking slightly different to the photo, this is because some plants are grown immersed (out of water). Rest assured, it converts to its under water form quickly and easily.

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