Tyre Track Eel


10cm+ Mastacembelus Armatus

Tire track eel is a species of spiny eels native to the freshwater of Southeast Asia.Its elongated body, dark irregular pattern from the head to tail, and overall snake-like appearance make it an attractive member of community tanks.

The lifespan of tire track eel ranges from being as short as 8 years to as long as 18 years. Like their growth, their life expectancy is variable because it depends on their health and living conditions. Although tire track eels are not burdensome to keep, they demand a certain level of expertise from aquarium hobbyists. This is because tire track eels are shy and sensitive to changes in their environments. They are also hard to feed. Hence, it is not easy to care for a tire track eel.

Care Level: Intermediate
Max Size: 50cm
Behavior: Non-Aggressive
Tank Size: 450L+
Diet: Omnivore

*Photo is a representation of a Tyre Track Eel

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