Stargrass (Heteranthera Zosterfolia)

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Heteranthera zosterifolia from South America is an especially beautiful aquarium plant. It ramifies well, which results in dense bushy plant groups after only a short time. Under strong lights it grows fast and needs frequent trimming to ensure that the lower leaves are still reached by the light. It often throws water roots on the stems. On shoots floating on the water surface, small blue flowers will grow above the waterline.

Heteranthera zosterifolia is a beautiful stem plant with bright green lanceolate leaves. In its country of origin, Brazil, it usually grows in stangant waters and swampy regions.

In the hobby, H. zosterifolia has been established for many years as a decorative plant for Dutch style aquaria as well as nature aquaria. Here it is used as contrasting plant in the fore-, the middle- and the background by simply cutting it to the desired height.

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