Pro Bugs Centipedes

Size: 2 Centipedes

Scientific name: Scolopendra subspinipes

Eco-Fresh Centipedes are typically between 4 to 8 inches long and less than 0.5 inch wide, ranges in color from yellow to red to brown, and is divided into 22 segments, with a pair of antennae and a pair of jaw-like hooks on the head. Great color enhancer for the Asian Arowana. The venom breakdown the protein faster so the fish can absorb all the nutrition value. High in Protein.Reptiles such as Bearded dragons love them too.

  • Convenient serving size 
  • Vacuum sealed to preserve moisture and flavor
  • As nutritious as live foods
  • Organically farmed raised-all natural without preservatives

Sealed, each pouch has an 18 month shelf life at room temperature. Opened, each pouch is good for 5 days in the refrigerator. Unused bugs can be frozen and defrosted as needed.

    Recommended for:

    • Lizards
    • Tarantulas
    • Birds
    • Cichlids
    • Wild Birds

    Centipedes, water

    Guaranteed Analysis 
    Protein (min)   25.0%
    Fat (min)  4.0%
    Fiber (max) 3.0%
    Moisture (max) 67.0%
    Phosphorus (min) 0.5%
    Calcium (min) 0.1%

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