Julidochromis Transcriptus


The Masked Julie is known from the north-western shore of Lake Tanganyika, where it is found in the shallow, sediment-rich rocky habitat. Here, their territories tend to be centered around cracks or fissures in the rocks and rubble. The natural diet consists primarily of small crustaceans, insect larvae, and molluscs picked from the algae-encrusted substrate, and occasionally, drifting plankton.

The best choice of substrate would be coral sand or aragonite, which will help to keep the water hard and alkaline. Rocks should be used to create small outcrops and plenty of caves/crevices, ensuring that there are ample broken lines-of-sight. These cichlids can be maintained as part of a Tanganyikan community with fish of similar size and temperament, and which occupy different areas of the tank; 

Max Size:  7cm
Minimum Tank Size: 100L
Temperament: Aggressive
Temperature: 22.8 to 26.7° C

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