Five-Bar Lamprologus Cichlid


Neolamprologus Tretocephalus

A beautiful African with the colours and patterns of Frontosa but only a fraction of the size. The Five-bar Cichlid is widely distributed across the northern half of Lake Tanganyika. Here, it is found in the intermediate habitat where rocks give way to open expanses of sand. These cichlids feed primarily on invertebrates that live in the substrate, small molluscs being a particular favourite. The aquarium that houses this species should be at least 5ft long, with a good amount of filtration, water movement and oxygenation. The best choice of substrate would be coral sand or aragonite, which will help to keep the water hard and alkaline. Rocks should be used to create small outcrops, crevices, and caves, ensuring that there are ample visual barriers - but do also leave some generous expanses of sand.

Care Level: Intermediate
Max Size: 15cm
Minimum Tank Size: 200L
Temperament: Aggressive
Temperature: 25 - 27° C
pH: 7.5-9

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