Cryptocoryne Walkeri

Size: Bunched

Cryptocoryne Walkeri is a common type of crypt, suitable for beginners due to its low requirements. Low to moderate lighting is enough to keep this plant going. Root tabs are beneficial for this plant, like most Crypts.

Although they are easier to grow submersed, they will also grow emersed and can produce flowers above the water. .

Propagation like most Crypts is by runners. If leaves die when first planted, it will develop new fresh growth. This is known as Crypt Melt.

This plant enjoys mineral rich substrate to be at it's best, so we recommend planting in some plant substrate. Additionally root tabs such as Sera Florenette will provide the plant with good nutrients.

Type: Crypt
Care: Easy
Growth Rate: Slow
Lighting: Medium
Colour: Green

*Note, plants may arrive looking slightly different to the photo, this is because some plants are grown immersed (out of water). Rest assured, it converts to its under water form quickly and easily.

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