Cryptocoryne Balansae

Size: Potted

Cryptocoryne Balansae is a proven adaptable aquarium plant, one of the more popular amongst hobbyists. A beautiful tall background Crypt with long crimped leaves. It appreciates and responds well to CO2 infusion. Propagation like most Crypts is by runners. If leaves die when first planted, persevere it should develop new fresh growth. Old, well established leaves, under moderate to high light, are most likely to flower and create runners. Under ideal conditions, leaves will grow to 60cm tall and 3cm wide, making it best placed in tank background.

This Plant enjoys mineral rich substrate to be at it's best, so we recommend buying some Seachem Flourite Substrate

Name : Cryptocoryne Balansae

Home : South East Asia

Preferred Ph : 5.5-8

Temp range : 22-28C

Size : up to 50cm

Tank location : Background

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