Barred Spiny Eel


Macrognathus Pancalus 8cm

The Barred Spiny Eel is known from heavily vegetated canals, inundated fields, ponds, and the sluggish sections of streams and rivers. This uncommon import makes an unusual addition to the peaceful fish community where there are no small fish present. The aquarium should have a soft sand substrate so that these diggers can bury themselves, and plenty of hiding places amongst plant thickets, bogwood, smooth rocky caves, PVC pipes and so on.  Although they tend to stay buried for much of the day with just their snouts protruding from the cover, they do become very active at night. Be sure that the aquarium has no gaps at the top, as these fish are great escape artists.

Care Level: Medium
Temperature: 23-27c
pH: 7.0 - 8.5
Max Size: 18cm 

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