API Ammo Lock

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Size: 118ml
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A unique patented water conditioner that works instantly, in fresh or saltwater, to detoxify ammonia and remove chlorine and chloramines. Eliminates stress and protects healthy gill function.

Locks up ammonia in a non-toxic form until it can be broken down by the biological filter. Effectiveness and safely proven by university laboratory studies

AMMO-LOCK is scientifically proven to protect fish cells against ammonia

Detoxifies ammonia in aquariums
Works instantly

Follow API Easy Care Guide and use AMMO-LOCK when:
Addressing Water Solving Problems to neutralize the ammonia

Treats: 5ml treats 200L of aquarium water

Directions: Use the API Dosing Cap on the Bottle.  Add 5ml per 200L of aquarium water.  Continue to add AMMO-LOCK every 2 days until ammonia is not detected.  If, after 7 days, ammonia is still present, perform a partial water change, service your biological filter and reduce feeding.

Tip: AMMO-LOCK does not remove ammonia; it converts it to a non toxic form.  After using AMMO-LOCK, your aquarium water will still test positive for ammonia even though it is in a non toxic form which will be removed by the biological filter.

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