Albino Paradise Fish


Paradise fish (Macropodus Opercularis) are a freshwater species belonging to the Osphronemidae family. They are a Gourami so they are also known as paradise gourami.

These fish are a colorful choice. They have vivid blue and red stripes that run across their body. The fins don’t tend to have this design, instead they are generally one color. The caudal fin is generally orange.

Across Asia, they’re usually found in shallow, slow moving water that can vary in condition. This means a wide range of pH and temperature. Something that’s a little more consistent is the abundance of vegetation. These fish prefer densely planted environments that offer both food and shelter.

Care Level: Medium
Temperament: Aggressive
Colour Form: Blue/Red/White
Diet: Omnivore
Max Size: 7cm
Family: Osphronemidae
Tank Size: 90L
Temperature: 16c-26c
pH: 6.5-7.5

*Product Photo is for reference only. Exact fish may vary in size and colour

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