What is Repashy Superfoods?

Have you ever seen a container labelled Repashy and wondered what it is and what makes it different from the rest? In this blog we will cover everything you need to know about the amazing Repashy Superfoods.


What is Repashy?

Repashy is a brand of fish and reptile food that was created by Allen Repashy. The foods have become a global success and are usually ranked as a high-quality fish food. They come in two sizes in New Zealand, 85g and 340g. Each one is different as they target a certain diet of a species. For example, Repashy Morning Wood is for wood grazing Pleco & Ancistrus. Each container of Repashy contains many amazing ingredients that help contribute to the foods amazing success. 


- Repashy Morning Wood Mentioned 


What Makes It Different?
As mentioned previously Repashy is not ready made. Along with the high-quality ingredients and praise that raises it from other foods, not being ready made is the biggest difference. Arguably this is what makes and breaks this product.

Within the Repashy container, you will find a find dust like powder. Mixing in 1 part powder to 3 parts water will allow the food to bond creating a gelatine like food. Once set the Repashy can be frozen for longevity or fed immediately. If fed immediately it will be very spongy but if frozen it takes time to soften which helps to stop the fish gorging themselves straight away.

Usually, Repashy is strictly a food that is scavenged off the bottom due its floating period being short lived. So, when feeding to strictly top and mid water column feeders this is less than ideal. For that group of fish another method of feeding Repashy can be used. Instead of freezing it or the like once set you can bake the Repashy. It would then potentially be possible to turn the Repashy into a flake food which would allow the top and mid water feeders to still benefit from this awesome food! 


Is it Worth It? 
Absolutely, it really is hard to find negative things about this food.  Repashy comes in so many different variations that there really isn't a fish that wouldn't eat it. As stated, it comes in sizes that allow it to be practical no matter how many tanks you have. In most cases unless you own a fish room the recommended size would be 85g. Repashy goes a long way when feeding so make sure when your next in need of fish food to pick up some Repashy. Whether its Community Plus or Soilent Green get one and see for yourself how great they are. 

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