Ziss CO2 Generator


The Ziss CO2 Generator is the completely new patented carbon dioxide generator by chemical neutralization.

This is a complete CO2 setup. The Ziss CO2 Refill kit is an additional product which is needed to begin making CO2.

CO2 generation speed can be controlled by the speed control valve.

The innovative pressure equivalent design can give safe and constant CO2 supply to the plant tank.

Because this works by chemical neutralization, high purity CO2 can be generated instantly and CO2 generation is not affected by the temperature.
If you use our Ziss ZCR-160 generation kit, the amount of CO2 generation is around 160g, which can be used around 45days in the around 100 Litre tank.

-Controllable chemical CO2 generator
-Instant start & Constant speed
-Not affected by Temperature (5 - 40c)
-High purity CO2 (up to 99%) evolution Easy & -Safe operation
-Rechargeable by Ziss 160g CO2 generation kit (ZCR-160)
-Integrated Pressure Relief Safety Valve
-Ziss CO2 Diffuser (ZD-200) included
-High quality material used
-All parts are Made in Korea

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