Tetra Whisper Air Pump 100



Patented dome shape alters sound waves as just one of the many features the Whisper uses to assist with reducing noise. Making the Tetra Whisper an ideal aquarium air pump.

Tetra Whisper:

Is a quiet air pump that utilises a number of technologies to help with reducing the sound. These include:-

  • Patented dome shape and sound damping chambers.
  • Wide footprint to help disperse sound.
  • Rubber Feet.
  • Suspended Pump motor.
  • Thick walls to reduce noiseemission.
  • Insulated Motor.

Tetra Whisper includes an air control valve, just add standard aquarium air line tubing, a non return check valve and connect it to an airstone, air curtain, sponge filter or decorative ornament and you are all up and running.

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