Sera Turtle Food Combo

Size: 3x Containers of Food

The compound feed for all Turtles!
Save 10%!

This combo contains;
1x 80g Sera Reptil Carnivor
1x 220g Sera Raffy Royal
1x 207g Sera Raffy P

Raffy P
 is the staple food consisting of carefully processed floating granules for carnivorous reptiles such as terrapins.

Raffy Royal
is the delicacy consisting of natural, gently dried fish (50%) and shrimps (50%) for terrapins as well as other bigger carnivorous reptiles, amphibians and big predatory ornamental fish. 

Reptil Carnivor is the supplementary food, consisting of a floating two-colored granules manufactured in the highly functional co-extrusion process, for all carnivorous reptiles such as terrapins.

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