Sera Plant Care CO2 Set



The perfect product combination for splendid aquatic plants 

sera CO2-Start - ideal CO2 fertilization for aquariums between 60 liters (15.9 US gal.) and 200 liters (53 US gal.)

The kit consists of:

  • sera CO2 diffusion reactor
  • sera CO2-Tabs plus (20 tablets)
  • sera florena 100 ml (3.38 fl.oz.) - liquid plant fertilizer with iron, minerals and trace elements
  • sera florenette 24 tablets - iron and mineral fertilizer tablets
  • sera guide "Systemic plant care"

The CO2  diffusion reactor supplies the aquarium with a controlled alternative to gas pressure systems. Each CO2-Tab provides 100mls or 2,500 bubbles! CO2-Tablets provide your plants with a vital supply of carbon dioxide and trace elements needed for lush growth and a healthy biotope. 

Aquariums up to 45 Liters; one CO2-Tab every third to fourth day.
Aquariums up to 90 Liters; one CO2-Tab every second to third day.
Aquariums between 120-170 Liters; one CO2-Tab every second day. 

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