Sera pH Test Kit

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Short Dated April 2022 - 50% off. Testing is still accurate for up to 12 months.

Makes it easy to monitor the pH value in fresh and marine water and ponds. For approx. 100 measurements. 

This single kit tests the pH range from 4.5 - 9 meaning you dont need to purchase a high and low range pH test kit! 

There is no "normal" pH that applies to all fish. Because fish originate in ponds, rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans that have different pH levels, the optimum pH levels for fish varies by species. Saltwater fish prefer a basic pH of 8.0 or above. African cichlids often come from lakes that have a pH value above 8.0. Tropical fish from the Rio Negro in Brazil may live in acidic water with a pH of 5.5 or lower!

Keep in mind that pH is not static, it changes over time; in fact, it may even change over the course of a single day. In nature, due to plant respiration and photosynthesis, pH typically drops at night and rises during the daytime. The pH may change as new fish are added or removed, as water is added or changed, and as the biological processes change in the aquarium.

Significant pH changes are particularly hard on young and sick fish. In a number of species of fish, breeding occurs only within a specific pH range.​

The pH should be tested at least once a month, preferably every two weeks, to allow for the detection of trends before they become a problem

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