Sera Community Combo

Size: Small

The staple community tank diet! We have carefully picked our favorite Sera community fish foods and placed them into one, easy to buy combo! 


Vipan Tropical Flake
Sera Vipan is the universal staple food consisting of carefully manufactured flakes for all fish, especially for those that eat at the water surface.

The carefully selected ingredients with prebiotic effect enhance health and liveliness.


O Nip Tablet
Sera O-Nip is the delicacy consisting of carefully manufactured tablets that can be attached to the aquarium glass by slight finger pressure. This allows for watching even shy fish excellently while they are eating.


Catfish Chips
Sera Catfish Chips is the staple food consisting of carefully manufactured Chips for rasping and suckermouth bottom fish such as Ancistrus and plecos.

The balanced composition with a high amount of ballast substances (from willow bark fibers and alder cones, among others) supports healthy digestion and development.

1x 38g Catfish Chips
1x 24 O-Nip Tablets
1x 22g Vipan Tropical Flake

1x 95g Catfish Chips
1x 24 O-Nip Tablets
1x 60g Vipan Tropical Flake

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