Sera Bioactive 250L UV Canister Filter



Versatile and user friendly external filters for freshwater aquariums with UV-C
Built for tanks up to 250L.

These powerful but energy saving external filters with an extensive accessory range are ready for connection and are immediately biologically active. The filter baskets ensure an optimal filter media layer structure and easy access. Intake and outlet of the filters are designed in a way that the hoses can be disconnected by a multi-function valve for cleaning purposes.

The filters of the UV range are equipped with an integrated UV-C lamp that irradiates the filtered water with UV-C against pathogens, parasites and multiplication stages of algae.

The robust filters are characterized by quiet operation and a long lifetime. All filters include the high performance filter medium sera siporax Professional and the biologically activating sera filter biostart.

  • Immediately biologically active
  • 34 times as much filter performance
  • + UV
  • Reduces pathogens
  • Reduces parasites
  • Reduces algae growth

We stand behind our filters and we have a complete and full range of spare parts allowing for repairs to happen here in NZ unlike other brands where it may take weeks to locate the required part offshore!

* Sera products are imported from Germany and made and manufactured to the highest specification. Subsequently the power cord is fitted for a EU plug. We provide a adapter or travel plug in every box.  

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