Seachem Plant Care Combo

Size: Medium - 3x 250ml

Let your Aquatic Plants thrive with the Seachem Plant Care Combo.

Stimulate growth and health with this combo of 3 great products while saving more than 10% from buying 3 bottles individually. 

Flourish for a broad spectrum of essential elements, vitamins and amino acids. 
Flourish Excel for a simple source of Carbon aiding in the growth of aquatic plants.
Flourish Advance for a natural Phytohormone promoting mineral absorbption in plants.

Combo Sizes:
1x 100ml Flourish 
1x 100ml Flourish Excel
1x 100ml Flourish Advance

1x 250ml Flourish
1x 250ml Flourish Excel
1x 250ml Flourish Advance

1x 500ml Flourish
1x 500ml Flourish Excel
1x 500ml Flourish Advance

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