Red Hygrophila (Alternanthera Roseacefolia)

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This red-leaved stem plant can be found in many different leaf forms and shades of color. The top leaf surface may vary from olive-green to brown, while the underside is pink-red. A good source of iron will help to intensify the red color. The plant is easy to care for if given the right conditions, which include strong lighting and a good iron-rich substrate. In larger aquariums, plant Alternanthera reineckii in small, well spaced groups around the center of the aquarium. The red leaves make the plant a good contrasting and focal specimen.

*Note, plants may arrive looking slightly different to the photo, this is because some plants are grown immersed (out of water). Rest assured, it converts to its under water form quickly and easily.

*Plant Orders prior to 10pm Sunday are shipped Tuesday/Wednesday

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