Omega One Catfish Combo

Size: Small

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Keep your Catfish thriving with the best Omega One catfish foods!

Omega One Catfish Pellets & Omega One Veggie Rounds

The fresh seafood ingredients in Omega One foods are particularly attractive to fish. Made with delicious wild fish.

These shrimp pellets are like no other. Omega One purchase whole fresh shrimp direct from Alaskan fisherman. These shrimp are 100% food grade and loaded with natural color enhancers and delicious, cold water proteins.

You’ll notice that Omega One Wafers have a more intense green color than other brands – this is because we don’t skimp on the good stuff. In fact, the fresh ocean kelp used in this product is harvested by hand from the Gulf of Alaska.

Combo Sizes:
1x 61g Catfish Pellets
1x 56g Veggie Rounds

1x 127g Catfish Pellets
1x 118g Veggie Rounds

1x 231g Catfish Pellets
1x 227g Veggie Rounds

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