Sera Black Water Aquarium Combo

Size: Small
SAVE 10%!
A great combo for all Black Water Aquariums!

Combining all the essential Sera Black Water components into one easy (and cheaper) combo!

The sera Catappa Leaves allow conditioning the water as in natural biotopes.

The sera alder cones prevent fungal infections and spawn fungus in a natural way. Additionally, they support natural behavior and readiness to spawn, and they lower the pH value of the water. Alder cones are suitable for preparing black water, which ideally recreates the natural living conditions and thus allows for appropriate care.

sera blackwater aquatan with the Bio-Protect Formula conditions tap water to dark, clear, fish friendly freshwater just like in tropic waters.

1x Catappa Leaves Small
1x 100ml Aquatan
1x Alder Cones

1x Catappa Leaves Medium
1x 200ml Aquatan
1x Alder Cones

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