Quarantining fish is a practice that should be explored by all fish keepers. Unfortunately this is not a common practise. Each time we introduce a new fish or inhabitant into our aquarium, we risk introducing disease and parasites. With new fish arriving, they are usually very stressed from shipping, transportation and relocation to a new tank and new water. This causes the fish to be prone to any disease or parasites that are present in the new aquarium. Having a quarantine tank allows the fish to settle, regain strength and health.

How we quarantine our fish:
Once our fish arrive to our facility, they are acclimated to their new environment. Each species has there own tank and own water not shared with other tanks or species.
Regardless of fish showing any health issues, we medicate the fish. Each fish is medicated for a range of different infections & diseases. We use a variety of medications to do this. 
Fish are then held in the quarantine tanks for 2 weeks before being listed for sale or transported to their new home. If a fish does not meet our release conditions they are then held for another week before being reevaluated. 

How can you quarantine your fish:
A small tank about 38L with a cycled filter is all you need. A bare tank is best but decor should be added if the fish feels more comfortable having some. If you feel the fish is not doing great or may have an issue, feel free to contact us via the contact page or our Facebook page. We will provide a diagnosis to the best of our ability as well as information that may help to overcome the disease or infection the fish may have.